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A warm welcome to the latest version of my weight consultant website.

I have a real passion for supporting my weight loss clients as they find success with my personally tailored weight management programme.

Have a good look at my web page Image & Style and join others in Portsmouth, Southampton, West Sussex and throughout Hampshire who have found that by spending a couple of hours together they too can start to move forward and step by step become the person they know they were always meant to be as they attain weight management success.

I know the secrets of weight management success and share them daily with my many clients.

The morph moving picture above shows how I have transformed since April 2010.

I have a varied portfolio of many helpful holistic skills to ensure you to both look and feel your very best and achieve the necessary maintenance for your well earned loss too.

My clients are always saying that it's great to have someone working with them who has both lost weight successfully themselves and maintained this loss. As an experienced lifestyle weight consultant, I am professionally qualìfied and have uniquely studied a combination of skills to help others with:-
Stress, Counselling, Psychotherapy, Weight Therapy, NLP, Life Coaching, Image, Anti-Ageing and Nutrition over the last 17 years.

I spend a great deal of my time independently researching and studying what works and what doesn't and I want to be there as your own personal image consultant to support you too while you go through your own transformation.

Together we can work to personally tailor a programme to suit you ideally.

Contact me by email CLICK HERE now and you too can reveal the real you very soon.

As a professional image & style consultant, I now recommend that clients achieve more success by improving their image from day one...why wait until you' re slimmer?

You're certainly good enough just as you are...a work in progress, not in waiting!

All my support appointments are affordable.
The price varies, depending on client needs.

My cost saving regular support groups held at my office are for up to four people and are great if you and a buddy want to come together perhaps.

Results in a 2016 survey I personally did by including most of my clients of the previous twelve months have unanimously proved that our image, when we see ourselves in a mirror, or whilst glancing our reflection a shop window perhaps, is what bothers us all most.

So here we go...you've finally found me and I will help.

I am a fully qualified expert Weight Loss, Nutrition & Image Consultant, mainly working face-to-face with clients all over the UK, and amazingly Worldwide too...Yes, I get clients from Poland, Pakistan, Switzerland and even Africa...isn't the Web marvellous. To think that when I first started supporting others in the 1990s I used to just put a card in the local newsagents.

I regularly see clients within 25 miles of Gosport and offer an Obesity, Nutrition and Image & Style consultancy service to help cope with the changes needed to partake in a healthy life more fully post successful weight loss.

I offer my appointments for my complete Weight, Nutrition and Image Management Programme available in Gosport, Southampton, Portsmouth and throughout Hampshire and West Sussex. I have also recently added regular appointment slots in London and other large cities including Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

My email service is very useful for clients outside of my visiting area combined with my busy telephone helpline service, where you can make an appointment to speak to me regularly. Both of these additional services are frequently used by my clients worldwide.

Contact me today. CLICK HERE

Thank you, Madeleine, for being such a positive person and helping others - Jackie, Gastric Sleeve patient

My aim is to... 'Take the Weight off your Mind'

I will encourage you to choose to change your Image for good by beginning to eat a Nutritionally Healthy Balanced Diet; improving your Emotional Health as you begin to leave behind the sabotage that kept you obese. By becoming more Physically Active with incidental exercise you will ensure that you achieve your ideal weight.

In the meantime it's important that you are able to dress in a style that suits who you really are, not just what fits you. You will be able to begin to project an image to the world of who you secretly really are deep inside.

When you start this transformation from the beginning of your journey, research has shown, that it helps one both achieve their goals sooner and successfully maintain them.
Whoever thought that once one attained their healthy weight they would simply wake up the next morning reincarnated into a butterfly, ready to fly out into the wide wide world, had obviously never attempted the transformation themselves and with many many others in the same boat as I have.

Together we can do it...
I know the secrets.

Being morbidly obese for 35 years robbed me of living my Life to the full, and of being me. My image had disappeared and I was shrouded in depressing big black cloaklike gowns in an attempt to hide the mountains of flesh that hung on my body.
I often felt really left out of things and at times invisible as other Mums turned away and talked about their recent purchases which could not possibly be of interest to someone of my size. Over six years ago, in December 2009, when my health and self-esteem hit an all time low, my GP suggested Bariatric weight loss surgery. Yes, I thought, impulsively, it would be great to stop worrying about my health constantly and for it to no longer dominate my life, by being the first and last thing on my mind every single day. Now I have lost 182 lbs (13 st) of baggage, since my highest weight, which is equal to more than 50% of my original total weight, I am no longer super morbidly obese and I have a healthy new Body Image. As my daughter often reminds me, in the 1980s, I weighed the total sum of all three members of Bananarama pop group put together. Yes, that's one of many of my claims to fame.

Over the last sixteen years, as I have studied weight reduction, I have learnt Why I ate; How to eat healthily and What incidental activities I could easily build into my daily life. I found I'd become a role model and an expert, who'd transformed before everyone's eyes. People started asking me for Weight Loss, Nutritional advice and Lifestyle change advice from my wealth of personal experiences.

Madeleine Clarke

For me at 68, proud of being mindful with eating again this Christmas, coupled with 12k average daily on my pedometer doing incidental walking and carrying all the shopping home regularly seems to be sufficient to keep the Doctor away.

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Getting Started...

From today you can begin to find out how my unique step-by-step weight loss and maintenance programme for Weight Consultancy in Gosport, in Hampshire and I will show you too how to finally beat the agony associated with Morbid Obesity once and for all. Remember I have personally experienced many of the daily things you too may be going through.

My website is for manageable maintenance for sufferers of obesity everywhere, who have made the choice to ensure permanent success.

However, if you're like me, as many of you are, and now have an addiction to many foods, (See my article on Sugar Addiction under my Nutritional Therapy & Testimonials page), you will need to take additional steps along with my Weight Management Programme to secure lifetime maintenance, which now also includes fully qualified Nutritional advice to achieve life long weight reduction, as I have, and will need to continue, to address your Healthy Eating Habits, your Emotional Health and your whole Lifestyle if you are to win your battle. I am no longer 'on a diet', as I have completely overhauled my Lifestyle for good. My present weight has been steady now for over seven years and I maintain at within 5lbs of a BMI of not more than 24.9. I know I'll never regain, as I'm loving being slim. I still go to an independant professional and get weighed every week, as I believe... that not weighing oneself is like not opening a letter from your bank if you think you're overdrawn. I'm 68 now, but it doesn't stop me waking up with a smile on my face and wondering when I'll be able to abseil down Portsmouth's Spinnaker Tower sometime very soon!

We need to remember that we are all different, so never compare your personal success with others, as no two people will lose weight at the same rate. However, unlike smoking, or alcohol excesses, we need to eat and can't just stop and starve ourselves. However, I took the big step over seven years ago to stop feeding my food addiction for good and I hope you'll join me too. It's not been easy but Wow! what a difference it has making to my health and my whole lifestyle! For myself, as a Lifestyle Weightloss and Nutrition Consultant and many other recovering morbidly obese people today, following an Obesity Weight Management Programme, which I offer within 25 miles of Gosport and worldwide via my website, will help you get to where you want to be. I wish you every success on your journey and hope you will want me to join with you to offer any help I can.

I offer initial advice by appointment without obligation email CLICK HERE

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Getting Going...

People often ask me these questions...
After losing 150 inches...How much did the loose skin cost to remove...?
How do you feel about the sagging skin and wrinkles when naked?
So I'll tell you both answers too.
I have not had any loose skin removed and don't want to. I love my new body.
The skin when undressed doesn't bother me either, as I'm now healthy and have a wonderful life.

  • Have you ever asked yourself Why you Eat like you do?

  • Do you start almost everyday feeling Lethargic?

  • Are you serious about making changes to your nutrition, emotional health and present Lifestyle?

  • Do you require nutritional advice and support as you struggle to make sense of all the constantly changing advice that the media gives us daily?

  • Do you need to learn Nutritionally beneficial healthier Eating Habits?

  • Do you require Coaching?

  • Do you need Counselling?

  • Would you benefit from some Image Consultancy advice?

  • Would some Life Coaching help you get started in a new Career?

Then, if you are sure you are ready to make a commitment to change, take a closer look at my About Madeleine website pages today and find out for yourself about how my training and portfolio of holistic skills can help you turn your life around for good. Contact me now and make an appointment to press the re-start button and start afresh.

Diets are short-term solutions to a long-term problem. They don't adequately address Obesity in Gosport and throughout Hampshire and the Lifestyle change that is necessary to sustain ongoing Weight Management successfully.

We need to focus on solutions that put an end to everyday life events distracting us from following a Healthy Lifestyle. By sorting out the parts of our life that sabotage us so frequently, we will be on our way to achieving our aims.

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Getting Support...

Weight Loss is the only major part of Health that is completely under your control. However, it is not easy to solve permanently. You have to be ready to put yourself first and do what it takes to beat it, once and for all, and this is where you will find the support and coaching offered by my Weight Consultancy service covering a 25 mile radius of Gosport in Hampshire and West Sussex invaluable. Why not enquire about regular one-to-one support.

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Getting Motivated...

I am qualified and passionate about helping people who are affected by Obesity in Hampshire and Worldwide to improve their Health and Lifestyles step by step and I will be there to encourage you too.

Why not ask a significant other to support you too with a gift voucher to add something to your new slimline wardrobe.

There is always some event for us to celebrate...

There will always be a benefit in dropping off some pounds as the days are now shorter and colder once again and as we get ready for the partytime in evening wear (In a size smaller of course). Men also want to look good in formal trousers with less of a tum too.

So here we go and at this time of year by following my latest slimming tips you'll achieve success.

Start by acting as if you are slim, as what you think you become. Set a goal, as if you don't know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Whatever works for you personally is best. Do you do the mirror test? or is it dress sizes, or belt sizes (for males) maybe? Try using a pedometer, as we eat more at this time of year, by walking more it will help balance out any weight gain. A win-win outcome. The best exercise is the one you'll do, don't you agree? Usually it's not just mealtimes but unplanned snacking and calorie laden drinks that does the damage. Try a protein snack like some cooked chicken or fish, or a small handful of almonds, to take the edge off your appetite. Keep well hydrated with sips of plain still water too. It all helps. Good Luck to you all and Enjoy!

Madeleine Clarke

There will be surprise rewards for you on the way to help enhance your self-esteem...
Isn't it exciting?

I can arrange face-to-face appointments for weight loss support in Southampton and also within the UK and particularly within 25 miles of where I live and I regularly see clients in the areas of:
Southampton; Portsmouth; Chichester; Winchester; Bognor Regis and throughout areas of Hampshire or West Sussex. I have also recently added regular appointment slots in London and other large cities including Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol.

All other areas are covered by my personal email service CLICK HERE

Many say I have a warm personality and a down-to-earth approach. You will soon feel relaxed sharing with me. I like to inject humour into my work so expect to enjoy the experience.

My Mission is to help combat Obesity in Hampshire and once one has started their weightloss journey I aim to create a non-judgemental environment in which we can explore possibilities together and build a bond between us with confidentiality and real trust on both sides.

I truly believe you will find all the answers you need within yourself.

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Getting There...

With my training and personal life experiences, I am able to offer you a full Weight Management Programme combining sound dietary advice and the necessary support to achieve weight loss Southampton.

Once we become obese, we often need more than just a weight reduction diet. At this time additional help is often required to help change one's behaviour and habits. By having your own personal Expert Weight Consultant you will not be struggling alone anymore. Together we can achieve your dreams. The person you read about in the latest media weight loss story will be you ! It really helps to have someone to listen to you and someone to monitor and support you regularly. Successful weight loss requires a long term commitment and I also offer a full maintenance programme.

By choosing a personal Obesity Weight Consultant, offering a Lifestyle Weight Management Programme in Portsmouth, Southampton, West Sussex and Hampshire, you can, and you will, achieve your goals and improve your quality of life, for life, not just for a few months again. You can understand, for the first time, the importance of Maintenance too and learn all about how to protect your precious weight loss for good.

Your Initial consultation gives you the chance to discuss your individual needs and see how together we can tailor an ongoing programme to significantly enhance your quality of life permanently.

The information contained in this website is not intended to be used by non-medically qualified readers as a substitute for, or basis of, medical treatment. Check with your GP; Hospital Dietician or Surgeon first and in particular always seek medical advice if you are pregnant, or taking medication, before following the advice given in any part of this website.

To book a consultation, please write, phone, or email CLICK HERE

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