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Welcome to my Nutrition & Weight Loss Website

As an qualified expert Obesity Weight Consultant and an experienced Lifestyle Image Consultant in Bedford, my mission is to help others to achieve weight loss success in Harpenden, Luton, Northampton, Milton Keynes, Biggleswade, St Albans and other nearby towns.

Now is the time of the year when we start to dream about booking holidays and maybe how we'll look in the photos.

Does this make you feel that maybe you wish you'd stuck to that healthy eating and exercise plan you started just before Christmas?

If like many of us that's how you feel too put it in your 2019 diary now to contact me soon. Then, with my expert help, you'll be sure of looking and feeling your best very soon.

However, remember you are good enough just as you are!

The bulbs are opening and I'm happy to say it will soon be Spring. ENJOY!

Best wishes from Madeleine.

As a qualified Nutrition expert I provide an Obesity Weight Consultancy service to help deal with Weight loss and the emotions associated with Obesity. I also offer appointments as an Image Consultant in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire. My email service covers weight management success everywhere else.

My main aim is to encourage you to choose to change your Lifestyle to achieve an end to Obesity and lasting weight loss maintenance like I have. I started my successful journey 9 years ago and I feel grateful for making that decision every single day. Step by step we will also be aiming to improve your Emotional Health; help you become more Physically Active and advise you on eating a Healthy Balanced Diet. Why not commit to my affordable, personally tailored, Obesity weight management programme today. There is no obligation and a one hour initial chat with me costs you nothing...but may help you regain so much.

I am also available to help with image consultancy as I work as a style consultant in all the above areas, with a flexible full weight loss and weight management programme to mutually suit your availability.

Obesity is a 21st century epidemic and it has grown out of all proportion in the last decade particularly. It robbed me of living my Life to the full, and of being ME.

Over the years, as I have studied Nutrition, (see my qualifications on my about Madeleine webpage NOW. )I have learnt Why I ate; How to eat healthily and What activities I could easily build into my daily life. I found I'd become a role model and an expert, who'd transformed before everyone's eyes. People started asking about Weight Loss in Luton and Lifestyle change advice from my personal experiences.

By contacting me today, you can share in my secrets to successful Weight Loss Luton and find out how you too can become a healthy weight once and for all. Wherever you live I can help you and in areas within 35 miles of Bedford we can meet regularly face-to-face.

Madeleine Clarke
Expert Obesity Weight Consultant

I have a real passion for working as an obesity Weight Consultant and for helping others to change their lifestyle as I have. You too can achieve success by following my personally tailored weight management programme in Harpenden and St Albans which has successfully expanded to cover areas in the wider community of Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire.

Nine years ago, before I embarked on a weight management programme myself, my health had gradually got to the point where it was affecting both my mortality and my daily life.

As a qualified Lifestyle weight consultant and Image Consultant in Bedford, I am now able to use my weight management programme in St Albans for success, by working with clients in the Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Hertfordshire areas. I knew that committing to being healthier would help with many of my ailments but felt unable to believe I could not only get to a healthier size but keep it off too and I truly believe that I can help you to achieve this too.

As you can see by looking at my morph picture on my website I now have a healthy new image as an Image Consultant. I have devised a bespoke maintenance programme that has ensured my weight maintenance for 9 years now.

My main aim is to help others to follow my weight management programme that is available to you all now in the Bedfordshire region, who are reading this, to also find a comfortable size that you personally are happy with once and for all.

I went through the wilderness of obesity for 35 years and I have learnt so much from the many courses I have successfully studied and by personally tackling my own lifestyle.

You do not have to go through all this on your own as I can help you step by step as we work side by side to conquer your obesity problems. I am a qualifed practitioner and my bespoke programme uniquely offers you a realistic Nutrition programme to follow successfully for life.

I can regularly meet with my clients in Harpenden and St Albans in Hertfordshire along with Luton and all over Bedfordshire and now have expanded due to further demand to include working as an Image Consultant in both Rushden and Kettering in Northamptonshire and I offer a personally tailored weight management programme which also includes Image & Style consultancy within 35 miles of Bedford Town.

Everyday I research and investigate how I can help with obesity and weight loss issues in nearby towns and villages.

From day one I offer help as an Image Consultant in Bedford and I can regularly take my clients shopping in the St Albans, Luton and mutually convenient areas like Milton Keynes.

The transformations have added so much confidence as my clients successfully embark on the new world of relationships and work placement successfully.

Why not contact me today for a free consultation. There is no obligation at all. You deserve it.

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Getting Started...

You can now find out how my step-by-step programme of Weight Maintenance Consultancy in both Bedford and Weight Loss Luton in Bedfordshire will show you too how to beat the agony associated with poor Nutrition leading to Obesity.

My weight management success website is for the obese everywhere, with my new weight management programme in St Albans now available. I uniqely offer Image Consultancy in Bedford, Hertfordshire and Northampton, with appointments to suit your needs.

However, if you're like me, as many are, you will need to take additional steps along with your chosen method of Weight reduction, as I have, and will need to continue, to address your Emotional Health, your Lifestyle, and to make a change to Healthy Eating Habits for life if you are to win your battle. My latest bespoke weight management programme has proved to be very successful with clients.

We need to remember that we are all different, and no two people will lose weight at the same rate. However, unlike smoking, or alcohol excesses, we need to eat and can't just stop and starve ourselves. For myself, and many morbidly obese people today following a bespoke Nutrition and Weight Management Programme in St Albans, such as I offer on this site, which also includes a professional image & style consultant service in Bedford, you will soon start both looking and feeling better as we work together to help you to get to where you want to be. I wish you every success on your journey. By adhering to my weight management programme, now also in St Albans you will soon be receiving well earned compliments as you change your lifestyle step by step for good.
Contact me by email CLICK HERE

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Getting Going...

  • Have you ever asked yourself Why you Eat like you do?
  • Do you start almost everyday feeling Lethargic?
  • Are you serious about making changes to your present Lifestyle?
  • Do you require Weight Maintenance Support?
  • Do you need to learn Healthy Eating Habits?
  • Do you require Weight Loss Coaching?
  • Do you need Counselling?

Then take a closer look at my weight management success and image consultant website and make an appointment to start from today.

Diets are short-term solutions to a long-term problem. They don't adequately address Obesity in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northampton and the change in Lifestyle that is necessary to sustain ongoing Weight Management successfully.

We need to start to focus on solutions that put an end to everyday life events distracting us from following a Healthy Lifestyle. By sorting out the parts of our life that sabotage us so frequently, we will be on our way to achieving our aims.

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Getting Motivated...

I am a qualified Obesity Weight Consultant and I am passionate about helping people to improve their Nutrition who are affected by Obesity in Bedfordshire and Worldwide to improve their Health and Lifestyles. I will be there to encourage and inspire you to achieve your aims and I will be around to celebrate as you reach your goals.
There will be surprise rewards for you on the way to help enhance your self-esteem...
Isn't it exciting?
I can arrange face-to-face appointments within 35 miles of where I live and can easily reach: Hitchin, Luton, St Albans, Harpenden and Rushden, Northampton and other areas of Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire.
All other areas are covered by my personal email service email CLICK HERE
Many say I have a warm personality and you will soon feel relaxed sharing with me. I like to inject humour into my work so expect to enjoy the experience.
My Mission is to combat Obesity in Bedfordshire and Northampton and create a non-judgemental environment in which we can explore possibilities together and build a bond between us with confidentiality and real trust on both sides.

I truly believe that if you adhere to my weight management programme you will find all the answers you need within yourself.

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Getting There...

With my expert training as an Image Consultant coupled with my personal life experiences, I am able to offer you a full Weight Management Programme which includes Maintenance support in Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire, you can and you will, achieve your goals and improve the quality of your life, for life, not just for a few months again.
Your free initial consultation to introduce my weight management programme gives you the chance to discuss your individual needs and see how we can put together a bespoke programme to significantly enhance your quality of life permanently.

The information contained in this website is not intended to be used by non-medically qualified readers as a substitute for, or basis of, medical treatment. Check with your GP, Hospital Dietician or Surgeon and in particular always seek medical advice if you are pregnant, or taking medication, before following the advice given in any part of this website.

To book a free Consultation, please write, phone, or email CLICK HERE

Madeleine Clarke
Weight Consultant
18 Hillier Court
MK40 2RZ

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Getting Support...

Weight Loss is the only major part of Health that is completely under your control. However, it is not easy to solve permanently. You have to be ready to put yourself first and do what it takes to beat it, once and for all, and this is where you will find the support of my Weight Consultancy service as a Lifestyle Image Consultant, covering Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Northamptonshire invaluable.

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