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I am an expert in Weight Loss Success, Emotional Health and Holistic Image. I know the secrets to help you get to where you deserve to be. Together we can do it.

I am a registered BSY Nutrition (Scientific Approach) Practitioner and a

CCC Registered Counsellor.

I have been awarded Practitioner Membership status of the Association of Holistic and Complementary Practitioners (AHCP).

During the last eighteen years I have added to my many life experiences by passing more formal Professional Qualifications and I am continuing to update my knowledge.

I am a freelance Obesity researcher and have appeared on TV in my bariatric surgeon's popular program, and am in both...Fat Doctors and Fat Surgeons. This charts my personal transformation ans is motivational viewing for anyone considering bariatric weight loss surgery.

I have also appeared in several media articles, including The Daily Mirror, The Portsmouth News and the popular magazines Yours and Chat.

Recently I am becoming more and more well known and respected as being the fist Obesity researcher to combine my unique portfolio of skills which include Counselling, Psychotherapy, Stress Management, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching, Weight Therapy, Holistic Image Consultancy, Anti-Ageing and Nutrition, with my expert personal knowledge of bariatric aftercare, to offer my clients a complete package.

Every client's requirements are personally tailored as I put together an individual weight loss programme to suit. I have over 35 years personal experience of being in the wilderness of morbid obesity and now, since my transformation, over 8 wonderful years of being a perfect size 12. I have lost 150" from my body and maintained a loss of 182 pounds. WOW!

Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Consultancy

Diploma in Psychotherapy

Diploma in Basic Counselling Skills

Diploma in Bereavement and Loss

Diploma in Professional Stress Consultancy

Diploma in Life Skills

Diploma in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Practical Training Course in Stress Diagnosis/Counselling

Diploma in Holistic Image Consultancy

Professional Certificate in Anti-Ageing Therapy

Professional BSY Nutrition(Scientific Approach)Diploma Level 4/Certificate of Achievement ABC awards Quality Licence Scheme

As I have successfully completed the above courses I am able to be covered by Professional Liability Insurance through Axa Insurance PLC. This is essential to protect myself as a Consultant and also my clients interests.

I have first hand experience of Successful Weight Loss as I have now personally permanently lost 182 lbs (13sts) as the photos on this site show. I have successfully maintained my healthy lifestyle over eight years now. I was first overweight at puberty and at aged fourteen years I lost my first four and a half stones. Dangerously I knew nothing at all about nutrition at this stage. By aged thirty one I'd fluctuated up and down another seven and a half stones. I've had weight problems for over fifty years.

Yes, it's been a roller coaster journey, but I've managed to learn so much during this time. I have a real passion for helping others and I want to use this website to help you too.

Remember Weight Loss Surgery is life changing without a doubt but it is not magic.

My initial interest in this field began over 30 years ago when, after being obese for ten long years, I lost six stones on a diet, in six months, with a well known slimming club. However, this loss did not last and it has taken me over 30 years of yo-yo dieting, at times losing over 100 lbs and putting back more, to learn the reasons why. By reading and studying hard to survive in the lonely world of a fat person, I found a link between one's emotions and obesity that was not well known in the 1980's.

You do not need to continue to go through these many years of continual failure, month after month, year after year, in the depths of despair. Weight Loss has now thankfully moved on from the days when there was no real help, or understanding available. Many of us remember going to the Doctor with an ailment and just coming away with the usual...'Eat less and exercise more' mantra. Our heads were not in the right place unfortunately and we weren't able to master the advice given.

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During my training in Nutrition and Weight Consultancy I learnt about the many important elements of Nutrition and Healthy Eating and I did thorough research into the majority of known Weight Reduction Methods. I studied dieting dangers and the recognition of problems along with the hazards of being overweight. My training covered the role of exercise in our lifestyle change when trying to reduce weight. Part of the course consists of setting up a Weight Clinic to motivate and give group support. I am now an Associate with my training organisation and have been entered in the Register as a Graduate Member.

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Studying Psychotherapy covered essentially the listening and talking with, those whose problems and anxieties have become too great a burden on them to cope alone. It's aim is to help the troubled individual to a deeper understanding, resolution, recovery and self-worth. I found the course like a self-help manual, as I have been a sufferer since childhood myself. I find the subject a useful addition to Weight Consultancy as it can help initiate the process of change. It is very useful when trying to turn negatives into positives in order to follow a new Lifestyle which is necessary when one is embarking on losing a large amount of weight over a period of time as is the case for post bariatric weight loss surgery patients.

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My basic training has given me an insight into the field of Counselling and has helped me learn the importance of restoring Self-esteem. I followed this by learning about Bereavement which is something we all experience during our lives. I studied other important losses that we are faced with, such as loss of health, loss of being able to work and earn a living to help support our loved ones perhaps. I now have insight into the loneliness experienced at the time of a loss of a partner, for one reason or another, when a relationship ends or breaks down. I soon found I was listening to someone, perhaps in a queue, and that by just being there with them in their loss, I had somehow helped them. I find my work rewarding and I know I can support you too.

About Madeleine. 021218

I initially wanted to study Stress to allieviate my own suffering and I have been able to do this. However, the course has also proved to be a very useful addition to my portfolio of skills which I use when I am coaching my clients. My favorite topic is Relaxation and I have had positive results with the methods I have been taught to use.

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During the Life Coaching course I learnt how to effectively coach others in Life Skills. I begin with a personal audit of self and it's amazing how it can work with clients. I have personally grown by using the tools in my own life whilst studying. As we learn and develop these skills we will have the tools to have more control over our lives as we begin to reset our personal values and goals. We may find that despite life's many challenges and difficulties we can dynamically change our lives for the better.. We can eventually join others and achieve what we really want deep in our hearts from life as one learns how to develop innate skills and confidence.

Many will benefit from my help with Life Coaching as their personal weight loss journey enables them to gain the motivation necessary and at last begin to live life to the full.

The Neuro=Linguistic Programming Course (NLP) also adds to my portfolio of skills and is ideal in helping my clients further. N.L.P. is the study of Human Excellence. It allows you to automatically tap into the kind of experiences you want to have and begin to create your own successful future.

This is so important for clients who have lost a large amount of weight and are now feeling fit and ready to move forward in many aspects of their lives. I can work with you to help free you from negative thought patterns and restricted lifestyles and together we can enhance and bring about wonderful changes in your life as I have done myself.

Whilst studying Holistic Image Consultancy I learnt how to work professionally in the world of Image which is so important to my clients after successful Weight Loss. I'm now regularly busy helping others reveal their true inner beauty which was previously hidden. Often Clients had been wearing items chosen either just because they fitted, or because they helped to disguise their obesity somewhat. Now I am encouraging my clientsto start to wear clothes that really do project their new personal lifestyle. The added confidence this brings is really beginning to open up new opportunities for them in terms of new careers and relationships especially. It's really amazing how without realising it people do treat the obese differently.

As a Stylist, I take many shrinking Clients out for the day shopping and it's amazing how much more enjoyable this is for them when they have me beside them to help them. Many are now developing an awareness of how to dress and accessorise with the right colours and styles to celebrate their newfound lifestyle. This really creates a new confidence in them.

Anti-Ageing Therapy, has proven to be a really popular part of my programme, as I now know many secrets of how to help avoid premature ageing and this is a welcome addition when helping my clients. Once we are 30 we start to worry about wrinkles, and they are one of the few things that weight loss does not help with unfortunately, but we can all learn more about how to improve our skins condition. We will benefit from finding out how we can avoid degenerative diseases, after all, who wants to live to 100 if it means sitting head down in an armchair....I for one want to be up and active! Keeping control of our Weight, monitoring our Stress levels and taking in premium Nutrition as we age are all factors that can help to slow down the ageing process beneficially.

Nutrition, is my most recent qualification and even whilst studying I have found that my additional specialist knowledge is in great denad already, as there has never been as much interest in diet and nutrition as there is today. Both healthcare professionals and the government are continually challenged to find ways to cope with the health of the nation.

It's important to recognise that, if you provide the body with the right conditions, it will maximise it's healing potential. The body has all the necessary systems for regeneration, rejuvenation and rebuilding. If we provide the body with the right fuels, it can remain healthy or return to a state of health. The saying 'You are what you eat' is very true and everything that we ingest has a major impact on our health. Even more important is the fact that many diseases can be prevented or reversed if appropriate measures are implemented. I have personally seen this in my own life.

I have studied along with Healthy Eating and Essential Nutrients subjects such as : the Endocrine system; Thyroid functions; Pregnancy and Reproduction nutritional needs; Hormonal disorders; the Digestive system including IBS; Allergies; Obesity and Eating Disorders; Supplements and Nutritional support; along with researching further into most of the diets people regularly opt fpr today when their health and lifestyle needs attention.

I have completed the majority of my courses with the BSY Group. Click on here now and watch Emmerdale star Leah Bracknell explain how she too has fulfilled her ambitions with BSY courses. You too can register with BSY today and now you've taken the first step to changing your life by losing weight why not use this positively to enhance your future career prospects like I have. Their courses are an excellent choice and I personally recommend them highly for you aswell. They have the advantage of fitting in well with a busy lifestyle.

Breaking News - I've recently been asked by BSY to put forward a proposal, as an author, for a brand new exciting course for them,

I am a member of the focus group started by my Surgeon's company, Streamline Surgical, and I have been able to actively give my input to that. I have now participated in four case studies in the media including 'Yours' magazine, the 'Daily Mirror', the 'Portsmouth News' and 'Chat' magazine and I know these articles will help others access my website. If you watch Sky TV's 'Fat Doctors' programme, you'll see me dressed in bright green, in the regular feature about the annual teaparty. I have been approached by the Producers of two well known Television companies too and have been interviewed for 'Fat Surgeons' which was shown on 5th July 2012 on the 'Really' TV channel. A big thank you to all my Clients who have congratulated me on this exciting venture. I have also entered for Streamline Surgical's 'Slimmer of the Year' competition and await the results. Winning would mean so much to me and it would be wonderful to have the promised makeover and store vouchers would be used to add to my new wardrobe. The taking part in these events is so exciting for me and something that I would never have even dreamt of until recently. STOP PRESS - soon to be in the 'Sunday Express'

Why not join me and share my expertise and experience. There has never been a better time to get started. I will motivate you and I know you too can feel the contentment and energy for life I now have. Together we can use my many years of Obesity and Weight Loss experience, coupled with my training, as we work together to help you find success for good too.

I offer face-to-face advice within 35 mileof Bedford email CLICK HERE

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