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Nutrition & Testimonials

Welcome to my Website. I know you will be successful with weight loss, because you are reading this!

However, You will need to be at a stage where your mind is ready to choose to make positive benefits in your life permanently and help you to reach your full potential. You need to be prepared to finally take responsibilty and make a positive commitment to change.

Only the other day, whilst reading a motivational book, I saw the text... asking... "Do you know how to become a butterfly?"... The answer is... "You have to want to be one enough to give up being a caterpillar"This sums up the commitment involved for me and if you are ready to Fly and stop Crawling along just contact me right now and together we can start our journey.

You will also need to accept that one cannot expect to keep eating high fat and high sugar foods and also maintain a healthy weight. There has to be a trade-off.

Our mental attitude is our biggest hurdle when we are trying to change poor eating habits and unhealthy lifestyles. How we think dictates how we feel so we need to gradually aim to adapt to a whole new mindset. We need to aim to focus on what we want in our lives, not what we don't want and I can help you with this.

It's helpful at this stage to try to replace the 'I can't' in your head, with 'I can'. It's a good idea to focus on what you can eat and also learn to avoid, rather than resist temptation. If you fancy crisps and they're in the cupboard you will find healthy choices more difficult. However, if it's freezing cold outside and raining you may be able to accept a healthy snack instead of going to the shops. I'm sure you'll agree.

You will also need to feel ready to comply with Lifestyle changes to bring about wonderful changes to your health and body shape as I have been and will continue to do for life. A tall order for some but if you really want it bad enough and are ready to put in the effort you can have it, I promise. By the time I was sixty I'd had several health warnings and looked death in the face a couple of times. In 2002 I suffered with heart failure after contracting virus after virus. In the year 2008 I had cancer to battle. Thanks to my wonderful Consultants at Stafford Hospital I'm hear to tell the tale. I'm so well now as you can see for yourself.

You can live your dreams when you take action. By dealing with the underlying problems which often need to be tackled to be able to move forward positively and make a decision to change. Picture how different life will become and see yourself living the life you deserve.

As your personal Weight and Nutrition Consultant I will focus on improving your Wellbeing and encouraging you to consistently integrate simple steps and Healthy Eating Habits into your life permanently. I enjoy motivating my Clients.

My approach is holistic and addresses the whole person and is personally tailored to your specific weight-loss needs

I've found that I have a concern for helping others and I will always really listen to what you tell me and encourage you, whilst coaching you towards realistic goals.

I will be kind and supportive, but also honest, when I provide you with feedback along the way.

My aim is to put an end to emotional comfort eating once and for all. Sometimes when we feel we've failed, yet again, to control our eating, after a while of being good, we are left feeling worse than we felt before we started and this continual feeling of failure often makes one want to binge and eat more and more to medicate our pain. Often, at times like this, we avoid meeting up with friends and family, who mean so much to us, which only isolates us more. We may even feel, at times, that we are simply not good enough.

A good place to start is by reducing things you eat like cakes, chocolate, chips and pastries as these provide very little in terms of nutrition and are full of sugar and also the type of fats that are unhealthy.

Both oils and fats are necessary nutrients in a healthy balanced eating plan, however, their overall intake needs to be monitored, especially trans and saturated fat consumption, if you are to be successful.

Instead start to aim for a regime that's low in the high salt and sugar combined with unhealthy fats that processed foods consist of. Start cooking from fresh and fill up on lean proteins and add plenty of salad, vegetables and fruit. This will ensure you benefit from having more fibre too.

A Bloated Tummy is often caused by white flour and sugar in our foods. If your digestion is working efficiently you will find that by reducing bloating inside, you will in turn have a flatter, less wobbly tummy visible outside too.

Aim to eat slowly and chew, chew, chew.

Drink more fluids to make your body work more efficiently.

Often the outfit that looked so smart on the model in the shop window somehow doesn't look the same on us anymore. We need to find our own true inner beauty and learn to develop our personal style. Otherwise, if we just wear the outfit that is fashionable and fits we may end up with the only one left. We may then find the chosen garment happens to be in a style or colour that doesn't suit us. By continually wearing such unsuitable clothing we end up dressed in a way that projects an image of a person who isn't really us. This can affect what happens to us in our daily lives and how we are perceived and treated by our peers.

Wonderful changes in your life can happen when you achieve a new found confidence and body image. I always see this in my client's eyes, smile and posture first. I use a step-by-step approach to give achievable ideas to motivate you to deal with your emotional issues, manage stress and increase daily activity to fit in with your daily lifestyle. I will challenge you to reach realistic goals so you will look and feel good.

Relaxation may help increase one's immunity to disease.

A Simple Way to Relax:

Close your eyes and breathe in slowly.

As you inhale, say to yourself - I AM

Then breathe out slowly saying - RELAXED

Feel your whole body loosen and tension release.

Repeat this exercise several times during your 'Me time' to aid complete relaxation.


We need to balance our food input with our energy output. It's not just how much we eat, but what we eat. Cutting down on unplanned snacks like crisps; sweets and chocolates; takeaways; alcohol; cakes and biscuits helps alot. If we also balance that with adding simple everyday tasks such as taking the baby, or dog, for a walk; using the stairs instead of getting the lift; playing ball or frisby with the kids and leaving the car in the garage for the school run.

To get away from our obsession with scales I often advise my clients to simply use a tape measure as another way to measure our health risks. A waist measurement for us Girls of 80cm is low; 80-88cm high and over 88cm very high. Likewise for Guys 94cm is low; 94-102cm high and over 102cm very high. N.B. Men with an Asian ethnic background need to be even more vigilant with the tape measure. I find this takes away much of the disheartening feeling we have continually jumping on and off the scales all the time that we are on a diet.

Sugar Addiction

Be aware that sugar has the highest calorific value of all our foodstuffs. It contains no fibre or bulk and has neither vitamins nor minerals or any other useful nutrients.

It is also habit forming. The more we eat the more we crave. Many of us choose sugar filled products as a crutch to help us cope with stressful situations.

Warning: Sugar is addictive.

Sugar now accounts for as much as 20% of our total intake of calories.

The fructose corn syrup used in many cakes and soda drinks is able to suppress leptin, the hormone that tells us when we are full, so we carry on eating and will inevitably eventually suffer the consequences when we do.

Since around 1966 corn syrup has become the major villain in the fight to maintain a healthy weight. Many food manufacturers have adopted using corn syrup as an alternative to sugar.

However, it has been found that our bodies process this differently to sugar. When sugar is processed by our bodies it triggers a chemical that tells us our stomach is full. This does not happen when fructose is consumed.

Therefore corn syrup makes you hungrier, and increases our appetites, unlike other sugars including glucose.

How being Obese affects our Wellbeing

Obese people are more likely to suffer from low self-image, lack of confidence and a sense of isolation which can all have an impact on their wellbeing. A real sense of not belonging and feeling invisible impacts on these emotions.

Being perceived as unattractive helps keep many severely obese individuals feeling in low spirits and even depressed.

Many have personally experienced real discrimination, coupled with feelings of painful humiliation, in the workplace, in the community and even within their own circle of friends and family.

These difficulties, coupled with emotional comfort eating to medicate their pain, can bring about a vicious circle for sufferers that is hard to control.

Obese people are labelled as lazy, unhealthy, weak people who have failed to control their size.
Sadly this generalisation appears to refer to an obese person's character as well as their body image.

If one is able to achieve a weight-loss by healthy eating of perhaps 10%...( which often amounts to as little as around 20lbs)...a new picture often emerges. The sufferer may have been able to at last get their first leg over the hurdle and be on their way to becoming the person they have always dreamt of being. At this stage your posture may improve giving you a new sense of confidence as deserved compliments are starting to be welcomed.

By offering support through this time and a full Weight and Nutrition Consultant service I will be able to assist in coaching you to gain the dignity that you deserve. As a fully qualified Holistic Image Consultant, I can help you choose the colours and styles that will fully express your true personality and help you look your best.

How being Obese affects our Health

A person is classed as morbidly obese if they weigh more than 100lbs over the maximum suggested for their height range, or have a BMI of over 40. With a BMI of over 50 one is termed Super Morbidly Obese, as I was.

An individual's health is put at increased risk by obesity. Many ailments suffered by the obese contribute to absences from work:

Diabetes (type 2); Coronary Heart Disease; Osteoarthritis; High Blood Pressure; High Cholesterol; Depression and Loneliness; Reproductive Disorders; some types of Cancer and the serious respiratory disease - Sleep Apnoea are all diseases associated with Obesity.

People are eating more food in their diet than their body uses, whilst not addressing a lifestyle change.

My aim is to... 'Take the Weight off your Mind'


I likey. Mum, I thought you looked amazing in all the pictures, all I can say is no wonder you sound so happy whenever I speak to you!!! Well done to the incredible shrinking woman!!!!

I've known Madeleine nearly forty years and like most of us she has battled with her weight. Her super weight loss and healthy weight maintenance is testiment to her understanding of why we overeat and shows her committment to eating healthy for both mind and body. Madeleine is a great friend and an inspiration.
Janet, friend.

Thanks for your latest Newsletter, Madeleine. It is a very good read and a reminder of the do's and don'ts at this holiday time.
Denise, website buddy.

Madeleine, you are such an inspiration, a truly dedicated individual, who has so much to offer. A truly wonderful, kind, considerate and caring person. You make our lives lighter in your presence alone. Your humour has us in stitches when we need a cheery face, a cheery smile and the all important pick me up when things trouble us. You are the wise one, the shoulder to cry on and the comfort we need when things are not as rosy as they might be. Your knowledge and understanding about life after surgery is second to none.You give so much. I wish you success in everything you do.
Andy, aka Buzz.

Madeleine has been a massive support to me since my journey began back in November 2010. To date I have lost 8st 5lbs and dropped from a size 30 to 14-16 currently. She has encouraged and supported through the easy and the tough times and has made this journey so much easier to deal with. Just reading the site reinforces my admiration of her as this what you read is what you get - Thanks Madeleine
Mandi Allen.

Thanks for all your help with everything, Madeleine: not sure I would have got round without your support over the passed year. I know I am now finally on my way to feeling and looking slimmer.
Emma, A client who has successfully completed the Great South Run fund raiser.

Thank you Madeleine for your advice and help. I will definitely keep in touch with you for your advice in future.
Dr.Faisal Iftikhar, Islamabad, Pakistan who is enthusiastic to further his Weight Consultancy knowledge.

Madeleine is more than qualified to assist and advise people on positive ways to achieve safe and permanent long term weightloss. She has given me useful information which has helped me understand my course studies. I wish her all the best for the future.
Owen, Student of Holistic Medicine, West Midlands.

I would welcome any feedback on the usefulness of this website. Please feel free to email CLICK HERE

As a Weight Consultant I have a real passion for working with people who are ready to take that first step towards a lifestyle change that is so important to their lives. I feel truly rewarded as I see my successful clients embrace positive change in their lives too. By getting to know you better I can help you to discover where you are at present, what you want for your future and what steps you need to take to start closing the gap to guarantee getting there and staying there. I will encourage you to think about some short term goals which are achievable for you. A sedentary lifestyle adds to our obesity and I often recommend the use of a pedometer and find it a useful tool for motivating.

For your convenience I offer face-to-face appointments
or an email service CLICK HERE

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