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Contact for an appointment during March 2019 for a 10% discount as an incentive from me to you.

I'm a qualified Holistic Image Consultant and I have a passion for helping others find a new image, particularly after substantial weightloss.

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You'll find that your mood will improve, as what we wear affects how we feel emotionally and you'll get more complements too.

Aim to alter what you can about yourself step by step, and then learn to accept what you can't change. Never try to create a look that isn't you, or attempt to be someone you are not.
You're more than good enough and unique in many ways just make the best of your attributes and count your blessings everyday.

Hold your head up, look ahead and walk tall. Good posture speaks volumes about one's inner self. It also makes one look both taller and slimmer.

Wear the clothes that flatter and suit you best by accentuating your good parts, and always aim to wear at least 60% of your clothes on a daily basis.

Never just dress scruffily in your regular 10%, instead always aim to pick out your best points.

Lay your clothes out during TV advert breaks the night before and pick a couple of accessories while you're at it.

Being well groomed shows the world what you think of yourself and how you wish to be treated.

I am a qualified Weight, Nutrition & Image counsellor, and have studied for many years as you can see in my see About Madeleine page and I now have a portfolio of Holistic skills, coupled with my own personal successful transformation, as you can see by my changing image on this site.

I have a real passion for helping others to reach a successful outcome, as I have, which makes such a difference to one's emotional health and wellbeing daily .

Madeleine has conquered her own issues with weight and dieting and is now in the best position to help others.

Dr Denise Thomas,
Specialist Bariatric Dietician

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I have 35 years experience of:-

What it's like going shopping when you weigh 350 pounds.

In a nutshell, the outfit in the shop window doesn't look the same on you once you get it home.

Aim for balance always in what you wear. Don't be one of the many who seem to go for the big in your face t- shirt with skinny minny short leggings.

If you love separates and need a large top to cover an apple shape try balancing the look with a pair of tailored trousers in a toning shade.

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Spend a little time accessorising your outfit in advance.
Pick out a shade perhaps from your dress or blouse and use a jacket, shoes and bag to suit.
Then choose a scarf that adds to your choices.
Finally select some jewellery to bring the whole look together.
Remember the saying...less is more though.

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True Colours

Don't hide your personality in black any more. You'll feel happier in a brighter choice like orange perhaps.

If brighter colour choices don't do it for you swap your dreary darks for lighter hues which will have the benefit of illuminating your face...Try it soon and email me and let me know how you feel.

If it's just too big a step, firstly try adding bright pieces of jewellery, or a handbag in a contrasting colour perhaps.

Have you ever tried dressing in the rich seasonal colours?
If you look at the hedgerows, nature always knows best, with the mass of greens and golds plus every shade of red, burgundy and orange berry that never clash do they.
Be mindful on your walks and see if you can plan some suitable outfits to suit you. Opt for warm tweeds for a change. Maybe just one item or colour is what you decide on. That's fine...drop me an email and let me know what you decide...some readers have even included a snap. Thank you.
I love to know I've helped.


Always wear a smile as it will make you appear more confident and others will be drawn to you.

Optimism is the key to a positive and successful approach to living one's life post weight loss surgery.

Research has now proven that having a 'rose-tinted' outlook on life can help to offer protection from depression in some instances.

The best thing about this is that it can be learnt and guess what our bodies don't even know that we're faking it either.

The moral here is to act as if everything is just great.

Often people stop me in the street and say can I have some of what you've got...and the good thing is smiles are very catching and are free to give away.

Smile and others will wonder what you've been up to.

Try it from today, keep your chin up and change those negative habits.

Throw your head back and become that vivacious sole you always envied when you were at your biggest.

Life is to be enjoyed.

On a realistic note if you really can't hack it yet get a wee bit of help.

Put a few drops of Bach rescue remedy on your tongue to restore your emotional equilibrium.

Then gìrls apply a flattering lipstick (guys could try a spritz of aftershave) then smile whilst looking in the mirror and repeat:-

'My face and body are beautiful and the world rejoices in my presence.'

When you've repeated it 10 times you'll have positively changed your thought patterns.

Once you believe it, everyone else will too!

Email CLICK HERE and let me know how it worked for you too.

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Wardrobe Edit

If you're aiming to restyle your image, the best place to start is always with a complete wardrobe edit. Many of us have at least 20% of our wardrobe taken up by items that we never wear.

It will save you time everyday as you'll have less creasing, due to more space that you've made, and it will be quicker getting dressed everyday when everything is rehung and visible in an easy to access order.

A real win-win!

Start by culling the garments that no longer fit your everyday size, suit your present skin tone and most recent hair colour, or suit the image you wish to portray.

It's a good idea to remember that your garments should enhance how you look and not be something one notices first about you, maybe even distracting from who you really are in a negative way, or making you look just like everybody else.

Make a list of items you need to gradually replace to complete your new look and aim to only look out for these items when shopping. Take your time with planned purchases, as garments will need to be worn with several other items in your newly organised closet. The exception to this is special occasion wear.

Only ever buy items that fit you properly, without the aid of special bras and hold it all in garments...choose items that make you feel comfortable...and be careful with fabrics that cling too, especially in light colours and see-through fabrics.

It will always show on your face and in your posture whether or not you feel comfortable and confident in an outfit.

Aim to keep to your short list of requirements, rather than impulsively being a slave to the latest fashion, sales items or impulse buys when purchasing.

Often, when we've changed the way we eat successfully, our new lifestyle confidence may lead to a new relationship, or perhaps a career progression, and we need our clothes to help us paint a picture by projecting who we really are as we take these important steps forward.

As you go through each piece of clothing, try it on, then, firstly, ask yourself what you really like about the item?
Secondly, decide if it suits the image you wish to portray, or is stuck in an image of a person you've inadvertantly evolved into when you were an obesity sufferer, perhaps a:-

  • housewife?
  • rock chick?
  • neglected sole?
  • mummy?
  • too revealing?
  • hippie?
  • sporty?

    or perhaps someone who dresses safely only in black?

    Decide what suits you visually as the new you. Your clothes need to show off your best points and hopefully help to disguise your less favourite ones that we all feel we possess.

    We need to stop projecting an image of ourselves that is unauthentic with our inner real secret self. This may have happened due to constraints like being:-

  • overweight?
  • ageing?
  • poor health?
  • being too busy?
  • marriage?
  • wearing a uniform,
  • working from home?
  • a dominant other?
  • or financial difficulties perhaps?

    Many of my clients realise, for the first time, that they are guilty of just being a follower of fashion coupled with fitting in with how others feel they should look...big mistake!

    Always remember the image we give off to the world 24/7 gives clues to how we feel about ourselves and ultimately how we expect and allow ourselves to be treated.
    So take the first step to bariatric maintenance success and to being a more respected and contented sole by donating suitable items to charity, clearing any scruffy, stretched, stained or ripped items into black rubbish sacks for recycling and we'll all benefit by getting a work out while doing it.

    Make sure you have a full length mirror...I see many out and about who obviously don't use one to their detriment. Only today, I queued behind a tall, slim and attractive 60 something who had all the attributes, including the enviable posture of a one time supermodel...a la Jerry Hall! ...
    However, her smart safari type jacket and skirt were perfect except for the oil stain and rip at the back.
    Don't let that happen to you...promise.

    Contact me now for a professional wardrobe makeover appointment, where as we work together, we can pool our skills and fix your image & style problems affordably and once and for all.

    Email me today CLICK HERE

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    We are what we eat

    I am a qualified Nutritionist and Anti-Ageing expert and uniquely I've learnt all the secrets off by heart , as I've needed to test them successfully on myself first. I make a professional point of never ever asking a client to do something I wouldn't want to attempt myself.

    As a holistic health coach, I always ask my new clients to aim to follow the 80:20 rule with healthy eating and enjoy a variety of recipes that will nourish and heal their body fully and maintain their health, beauty and wellbeing over the long-term.

    Uniquely, your health is the one thing that is really yours. We cannot buy back good health once it's lost. Of course some health problems are out of our control but it is still the best investment that we can ever make.

    To live everyday feeling in control, with a sense of well being, coupled with an inner peace and energy to do what we really want to do in our free time is truly wonderful.

    If we take action we can feel like this and even if we've neglected ourselves for decades, as I did, we can still recapture and embrace this lifestyle...even in our 60+ years. I'm proof of this continued improvement as I shall turned 70 last year.

    Firstly, just aim to add one new step (this còuld be eating more healthy green leafy vegetables, or perhaps ensuring you have enough healthy oil in your meals) to your improved eating regime weekly.

    Don't concentrate on what you can't have but what you can have!

    I've found over 3 months if you can continually add 1 new nutritious tweak(see below for more ideas*) after 13 weeks you will have easily altered your eating regime painlessly.

    At the same time, as your body visually reveals that you're reaping all the benefits, week by week, you'll find it easier and easier to keep up your healthy eating regime because of the weightloss, inch loss and wellbeing benefits you'll increasingly feel and benefit from.

    Now you know you can do this, don't you!
    I promise it works.

    Email me CLICK HERE and let me know how you get on won't you.

    *Try adding just one of these this week:-

    Dark green vegetables
    Different coloured fruits, salads and vegetables
    Healthy oils

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    Too tight

    Go for an appointment to have a new bra fitted regularly to take care of the necessary support act after bariatric weightloss surgery.

    Wearing well fitting undies makes you feel good during maintenance and you never know when you may be asked to undress.

    Hopefully, it won't be for a hospital visit.

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    Wardrobe essentials include scarves. Can you ever have too many? Leopard or snakeskin patterns are popular right now... I've just bought a mauve and black animal print snood ready. Red looks great too.

    When you're out and about notice how others add to their look with texture, shape and vibrant colour to show their individual personality.

    Scarves can be worn as a belt, in one's hair and to add style to your look.

    Luxury choices will glam up an outfit like your LBD and add a bit of individual style too.

    I have loads of fun with faux fur. Ideal for parties and for feeling cuddled up on a crisp day.

    I usually get mine in Charity shops. Take them home and after a wash and air add to your growing "Clean and Well Paid For Closet".

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    Consuming a healthy diet along with cutting right back on eating sugary processed foodstuffs, coupled with smoking, sun and alcohol are the one and only answer to your best skin as it moves inevitably in to the ageing process. Inflammation, allergies and and a lack of good bacteria in the gut all take their toll gradually.

    Many of us may have decided to step by step concentrate on revamping what we eat and ingest regularly..it's never too soon to start adapting our individual lifestyle priorities and amazingly results in both our all round health and better skin are soon visibly welcomed.

    Always eat a full range of varied foodstuffs, as this is the key to a healthy maintenance diet, post bariatrics, and helps to ensure that we take in the nutrients we need.

    Aim for a rainbow of colours including reds, oranges, yellows and purples when selecting vegetables, salads and fruits.

    Research has now confirmed that plant foodstuffs including vegetables, like carrots, have the power to aid essential skin maintenance.

    It's a shame that many of us have been wrongly informed for many years by being told that all fats are bad. Thankfully people are now taking back healthy fats again.

    Monounsaturated fats (found in avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds) and polyunsaturated fats (found in mackerel, sardines and salmon) will provide you with essential fatty acids, which are so important to maintain good health and skin.

    Fats are also necessary to help us absorb fat soluble vitamins.

    Many of the signs of ageing, like a dry, pallid complexion, can be helped by eating well.

    Without doubt studies have repeatedly shown that certain foods really do have beneficial effects on skin health and ageing.

    Repeatedly these refer to a Mediterranean style eating regime.

    Make sure you get your olive oil daily...at least a couple of teaspoonsful please.

    Regularly purchase avocados, peppers, loads of dark green leafy vegetables like watercress, spinach and kale, and also opt for beetroot and aubergine. They all work well added to recipes for weight management success.

    If you add some of the above, these and other positive items such as berries, and a balance of healthy omega 3 and 6 fats, then you know that you are giving your body the opportunity to function well internally. This will include providing more of the protection and lubrication our insides require.

    Keep hydrated by making sure you sip over a litre of plain still water gradually during the day. Water is essential for optimum function within the body. It also helps to delay the ageing process visibly. If you also add teas, soups and plenty of salad and vegetables you'll be fine.

    Sugar filled foods, processed foodstuffs, too much salt, smoking and alcohol consumption all add many unwelcome years to one's skin.

    Eat plenty of berries regularly to help keep your skin in good condition.

    It's never too early to adopt a good skincare routine.

    Cleanse in the morning, and moisturise before adding make-up. Then again at night remove all traces of make-up and apply a heavier moisturiser.

    Don't forget to add your creams and serums from your forehead right down to your chest areas and include the nape of your neck and the ears too.

    Avoid the sun, by limiting sun exposure, as it's proven to be the number one skin ager. Always regularly apply SPF sunscreen that's appropriate for you and a moisturiser with the benefit of a sunblock.

    Wearing a floppy wide brimmed hat shields one's face when it's hot too.

    Keep your lips flake-free and always ready for a goodnight kiss. Lippy is a great way to add colour especially as we age.

    Make sure your gut is working well as it will keep your skin clearer too.

    Take a course of probiotics after being on antibiotics and when you're going on holiday to help prevent problems.

    Tuck in to 2% greek yoghurt, which will give you a great taste, coupled with the ability to absorb both fat-soluble vitamins A and D.

    There is no getting away from it, even if you spend huge amounts on expensive skin creams, paying attention to your diet and changing unhealthy eating will make the biggest noticeable difference to your complexion.

    High sugar consumption leads to more wrinkley skin and causes loss of plumpness too. After 35, excess sugar damage shows clearly on our faces, as it takes its toll by entering our bloodstreams and attaching to both elastin and collagen causing sagging, loss of glow and wrinkles.

    It's not too late to take action and adapt step by step to a low GI eating regime by upping your fibre and antioxidant rich intake whilst aiming to avoid refined sugars regularly.

    If adhered to 80:20 you will be able to slow down further damage.

    I regularly complete mini questionnaires with my clients and it seems that the best anti-ageing tips are:-

  • getting enough sleep
  • having close hugs
  • managing stress
  • being content
  • good genes

    coupled with a healthy lifestyle.

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    Sleeping Beauty

    Getting enough sleep really does help with maintaining our looks and experts all agree that lack of one's sleep requirement does in the longer term speed up the ageing process.

    Remember that research has shown that the hunger hormone ghrelin is boosted when we miss our sleep leading to cravings for sugary treats.

    If possible have a window ajar so that your skin continues to get fresh air.

    Always remove all make up and moisturise before hitting the pillow.

    New cells are made at double the rate, whilst we are asleep, so if we regularly burn the candle at both ends, it will soon show up in our looks.

    Adequate hydration always helps.

    Fragrant lavender has a reputation for aiding restful relaxation. Use a room scent, or spritz some on a tissue and place in your pillowcase. Fill a small bowl with water by your bedside to aid absorption too.

    As our skin sheds dead cells overnight start the day with a gentle exfoliation with a flannel.

    Lack of sleep regularly is often the main cause of dark circles under the eyes so ensure you priortise your sleep needs.

    Stimulants never help with sleep, so cut back on coffees, teas; excess alcohol and nicotine to counter this and you'll soon feel the benefits.

    Invest in blackout curtains to help you sleep well.

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    It's true...hair can thin after bypass surgery. I made sure I had monthly layered cuts and added plenty of helpful products both inside and outside too. I also took sea kelp tablets regularly and still do.
    My hair soon got back to normal thankfully
    as the above photo of it shows

    Avoid keeping the same hairstyle you've had for many years as this can be very ageing.

    If necessary, be brave and try a couple of different salons to your regular one, and ask the most experienced stylist to advise you on options for cut, colour and style maintenance.

    Often opting for the right fringe for you can make all the difference and give your cheeks a well needed lift.

    If you get a couple of unbiased opinions and the feedback from their consultations are similar you'll know for sure that you're on the right track, won't you.

    Make sure the stylist takes into account your lifestyle, fashion favourites, personality as well as your age.


    Reassess your look as you age...maybe every five years or so...to ensure you keep looking your best as you inevitably gradually age.

    When you start going grey be ready for your eyebrows to appear to disappear as you loose the colour.

    Facially the eyebrows are very important and as we age well groomed eyebrows will take years off you instantly and open up your whole face once more.

    Each time I have my hair roots retouched, I have my eyebrows professionally threaded and tinted medium brown. (The best results are achieved if you stick to just 1 shade lighter, or darker, than your natural eyebrow hue.) At the same appointment I have a blue-black tint on my lashes. I pay £22 and Wow! what a difference it makes everyday, even when swimming.

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    We have all heard the saying..."Less is more"...however, please don't follow this mantra as it rarely flatters.

    Exposed bra straps, explicit tattoos, and loose flesh are not an attractive sight.

    Use pretty shrugs and sleeved garments to make yourself look your best. You're worth it. You can buy pretty camisoles to flatter and even support vests that with a careful adjustment, in a mirror, you can cover escaping underarm and loose back flesh that only you know about it. This type of maintenance makes all the difference post bariatric surgery.

    Don't be a slave to following fashion either...like this year's 'cut out shoulder' look.

    Every year that you wear the garment after 2016 it will be dated.

    However, the off the shoulder 'Bardot' style is fine as it's a classic and can be worn either off or on the shoulder another summer.

    Let me know if anybody else remembers wearing the similar peasant style in the 60s...also known as 'come and get me' tops.

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