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Magic potion

The discovery of a substance which, when ingested, may help us to eat 14% less, may be available in the future. Inulin-propionate ester appears to stimulate our gut to reduce hunger. It's great news.
Source: trinitymirror.com****

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Cut your risk

Aiming to lose and keep off 5% of one's weight may reduce the risk of breast cancer by 22%.
Source: Dr Anne McTieman @ Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in the US *****

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Healthy junk food

If you really want crisps opt for a 40g bag, to maintain portion control, of Kettle lightly salted @ 205 calories. They have more nutritional value and contain the same fibre as a slice of wholemeal bread, and more than a quarter of your daily allowance of potassium from potatoes to maintain healthy blood pressure. The salt content is also low. For women, they contain the daily requirement of vitamin E from sunflower oil which helps to protect cells from age-related damage. Enjoy.
Source: Media **

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Breast is best

Recent Oxbridge research endorses new mum Scarlett Johansson's experience that breast feeding helps one return to a trim figure. An additional bonus is that the experience means the mums were less likely to be obese thirty years on too. A win-win situation. Well done nursing mums everywhere.
Source: dailymail.co.uk ***

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Brain power

Why not take a little time out and educate yourself further this year by subscribing to the UK's top-selling wellbeing magazine. It's only £15.90 for 8 issues ( or £1.99 per issue). Holland & Barrett's healthy magazine is very good value as other similar magazines often cost double. It covers all the important topics like Food/ Beauty/ Fitness/ Self. By reading it from cover to cover, after a year, you'll be able to apply many of the topics you've learnt about to your own life. Secondly, you can relax while reading and you'll benefit by having some 'ME' time, relaxation and the opportunity to put yourself first.Enjoy-I do.
Source: Weight Consultant ****

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Manners maketh man

How does one judge if a person has good breeding? Accent? Clothes? Shoes? Car? Try looking at the state of the table after he or she leaves the coffee house.

Source: Dr. Lawrence Green, The Daily Telegraph letters****

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Honey monster

The bogus claim that Sugar Puffs contain honey goodness has been banned, as honey is just as bad for the body as sugar. Sales of honey are soaring, as people believe that as it is a natural produce it is better for you. However, once consumed it behaves the same way as sugar. Opting for plain Puffed Wheat and adding fresh berries for sweetness is a better choice of children's cereal.
Source: Daily Mail ***

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Saying no to bread

Bread and pasta sales are reducing more than any other supermarket foodstuff. To aim to avoid weight gain, shoppers are trying high protein/ low carbohydrate diets. Bread was a staple food of the poor initially and dominated households for fifty years since new production methods began in 1961 with Wonderloaf and Mother's Pride favourites.
Source: Daily Mail **

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New year resolution

Aim to stop using your hands when getting into and out of your chair. It is an effective muscle strengthening exercise.
Source: Darren Chandler ***

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Better sleep

Change to an old-fashioned alarm clock in the bedroom to improve sleep, as the dim light from digital clocks alters the level of melatonin, which triggers sleepiness. It's also a good idea to keep the room as dark as possible by freeing the bedroom of all mobile and electronic devices.
Source: Weight Consultant **

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Sugar intake

There is now one more good reason to aim to reduce sugar intake as the latest research has found it has an effect on adverse blood pressure and cardiovascular health. A daily intake of 74g of high fructose corn syrup, as found in popular drinks, may result in a 30% greater risk. Some are known to consume 16 times the recommended limit. It's wise to monitor our intake levels of added sugar by reading nutritional labels, before purchasing, and taking home a healthier alternative for our family.
Source: American Scientists ****

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Do we really need treats?

Often when one starts on a new diet it suggests daily TREATS e.g. a glass of wine or a chocolate bar. If you leave these treats out, your TREAT will be dropping a size faster and being healthier too.
Source: Weight Consultant ****

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Home baking truths

When you're dieting is it really the time to make that tray of 12 tempting sticky buns? Why not buy one each for you and your nearest and dearest occasionally at the local coffee shop instead. Yes, it may seem more calories per portion and possibly more expensive too. However, how long will the other 11 buns have stayed in the tin I wonder, if you use the home bake way?
Source: Weight Consultant ***

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Life saving dress

Zoe's £34.99 purchase of a red Missguided bodycon dress truly did it's job of acting like a corset and may have saved her life too. After a taxi crash she fractured her pelvis, vertebra and sternum but the dress was so tight it restricted movement and stopped Zoe's bones possibly perforating her organs. Money well spent!
Source: Chris Brooke, Daily Mail *****

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