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Welcome to my Website, where you can receive a personally tailored weight loss package and a listening ear.

As an Expert Obesity Researcher I have found it really interesting how there appears to be a definite connection between the food we eat and the emotions we feel.

In particular the way in which excess sugar consumption appears to be directly related to our mood and even depression.

Throughout this section my mission is to professionally help my clients to identify and manage the above symptoms through a step by step positive diet and lifestyle overhaul.

I have found with my regular clients that if they are enjoying the changes they are making and they also fit in with how they wish to live their daily lives, that they are more likely to stick to a new lifestyle.

To control cravings, eat regularly and enjoy tweaking meals to suit by including advice within this web page.

The main aims of this FOOD THERAPY web page is intended to help with prevention , as well as a possible cure, as it illustrates the possible link between the food we continually opt for and how changing our eating habits may remedy our general health and ailments.

I aim to make my readers aware that their health is under their control.

By making step by step changes one can bring about improvements and also avoid the risk of nutritional deficiences.

It should be noted however that genes, age, gender, and some aspects of our environment may have had, and may continue to have, an influence on our general condition.

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Journal tracking of what you eat and your emotions.

The main aim of keeping your journal is to help you to reveal changes in lifestyle that you can make to improve one's health risks.

Often the foods and habits we opt for regularly may have an all round negative impact on our everyday health and determine problems we may suffer with as we age.

Instead we can decide to step by step live a lifestyle and choose foodstuffs with key nutrients that may aid our mental and physical health. You may find that you can help unlock a vitality and zest for life either once again or for the first time.

Remember prevention is better than cure.

You can start controlling cravings by eating regularly.

Never deny yourself foods that you really enjoy, start by either tweaking the item for a similar item that still gives you that kick but is a more healthy choice or more realistic portiion size.

Simply keeping your body hydrated by sipping around 2 litres of plain still water daily will be a worthwhile start.

Build 'me time' into your diary. Block off periods of half an hour every other day as a reward. Put it in your diary as an appointment and don't CANCEL it.

Use the time to relax in a bath, have a lie down, read with some pleasant candles to smell, listen to a CD with earphones that is relaxing.

Have a blow dry weekly...many local colleges will use you as their model for under £5.

Have your nails done and a make up lessons in the beauty section of a local department store.


Write down 3 things daily that you are grateful for.
How we think and act the majority of the time will have a direct effect on what we become.

Instead of white floor; white rice and white bread opt for wholemeal, wholegrain, porridge and lentils.

Recording of new menus to try with the family.

Weight and inch loss record.

Overeating patterns including eating denial.


Failing to plan.

Regular meals.

Food preparation.

High blood sugar prevention.

80/20 principle.


Nutritional labels

Food composition

Healthy fat choices

Shopping lists

Suitable snacks


Weight control

History of Obesity

Obesity risks

Step by step changes

Role of alcohol


Utilising food groups

Maximising nutrients

Seasonal foods


Rainbow feasts


Sugar truths

Sugar consumption

Sugar addiction

Hidden sugars

Not so healthy bars


Emotional eating- Head hunger

Vitamins, Minerals and amino acids

Helpful foods

The stress factor


Skin, hair and nails

Wound healing


Esssential fatty acids



Outcome of sleep patterns

Related hormones

Sleep apnoea

Next day moods

Sleep promotion


Overcoming temptations

Good mealtime practice

Financial constraints

Results of not chewing foods

Brain registration

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